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Melissa "Miss Lissa" Finney


is a native New Yorker. Miss Lissa is an entertainment enthusiast with an infectious personality and knack for writing. She has been pursuing her dream of being a celebrity media personality for some time.

The Miss Lissa Knows' site has been up for two years. However, this story begins 5 years ago, when Lissa was as a styling assistant. Working on sets is where her talents began to be recognized. Directors loved her work ethic and everyone would look forward to lunch breaks, and down-time moments where Miss Lissa would shine through. She would deliver descriptive stories with her natural comedic presence, and captivate the crew's attention with her star quality. 

In 2010, Lissa decided she would be 'behind the scenes', no more. Hosting live shows became her focus and she eventually produced an internet based radio show on PNC Radio. The Miss Lissa Knows Show quickly became a noted platform where guests spoke freely because if Lissa's relatable demeanor. Breaking high-profile, entertainment put Miss Lissa in the forefront as a content curator / pop culture guru. Although, there is much more to this "Media Maven". 


Miss Lissa "Knows" way more than gossip. With a hosting resume that stems from showcases/live events to parenting seminars. Plus, a variety of television features.  


There is a void to be filled in the talk show circuit, and Miss Lissa Knows is here to fill it.






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