"A Man's mind"

Women always wish they could tap into the minds of their sexual counterparts. To have a means of actually knowing what a man is thinking or be able to freely ask the need-to-know questions. Well, look kNOw further!!!

MissLissaKnows.com contributor, Mr. McBride is delivering unfiltered responses to some of women's most asked questions.


Q: Can a man really be faithful to one woman?

A: Sure can. I know hundreds of dudes who aren’t. But, look at the bright side: I know about three who are. Do you know what matters most? Not if he’s faithful, but the way he treats you. Don’t mistake a man's love for faithfulness. There’s loyalty and there’s faithfulness. Now if he’s a mean, nasty, grumpy, cheater, then you have cause for concern. Because he ain’t loyal! However, if he’s a great guy that keeps you happy, puts you and the family first, protects himself when he’s cheating and does his best for you not to find out, then don’t stress yourself about it. Why? Because he respects you if he tries to hide it from you. Therefore he’s really putting you first. He’s hiding his needs to keep you from hurting. THAT is a man you gotta respect.

Q: My husband is always hinting to a threesome. He's even mentioned a few ladies he would like to include in our bedroom action. I'm not really into it, but I would do it for him. We've been married for 3 years. Should I make my husband's fantasy come true? Or will that taint the relationship?

A: The way he’s going about it will taint the relationship. See there are threesome rules. You have to let the woman choose the partner. You can’t press the idea too much, and during the act you gotta make ya woman feel like she’s still the main attraction… Oh, and you can’t sleep with the girl behind your wife/girlfriend's back. It’s great you’re a loving wife, but you’ve got to give him some non-negotiable rules. And if he can abide by those, then go f*ck yourself crazy.


Q: What makes a man lose respect for a woman?

A: HMMMM… Good question. Each man varies. I hate a sense of entitlement; lack of gratitude. If I do for you what you can or can’t do for yourself, don't be a c**t and act like it’s your God given right because you have a vagina?

Q: What are the top 5 qualities a man looks for in a woman?

A: (In no particular order)

  1. Appreciation - Acknowledge the sacrifices we make as men. We give up a lot that goes unnoticed; its part of being a man. Recognize you guy for what he does. An occasional, "I appreciate you, baby and all you do for me" goes a looooooong way.   
  2. Fun - Genuine fun! Not the “oh my man likes golf so I like golf too now.” Be affable;  likable. Cool as one of our boys.
  3. Submissive (Not a doormat) - If you've ever said, "I need a man who can handle me" this is definitely for you! Life is hard enough and truthfully no man wants a woman he has to "handle". If you want us to lead, let us do so, and submit once you see we know how. It's what you want to do anyway. Don’t make the job even harder.  
  4. Understanding - Look ladies, we understand y’all failed 'Logical thinking’ classes in High School but PLEASE understand we aren't like you and we don’t love you any less because we look at things from a logical point of view and not an emotional one.
  5. Emotional stability - this is self explanatory, but just in case - your feelings <the facts. (Although this one is USUALLY nonexistent).


Q. I was dating a guy for 5 months and he got locked up for 2 years. I said I would hold him down, but my friends say I'm crazy. Thoughts?

A: Crazy? Nah. Dumb? Hell yeah. Wish I had a woman as dumb as you!

I’m going give you the same advice I’d give my daughter: DON’T WAIT! Why would you put your life on hold for someone you’re not invested in like that? You wanna be squeezing ounces of cocaine in ya rectum, using Ketchup as a lubricant? I doubt it! Had y’all been married (don’t be surprised if he proposes), then I’d say get ya Papoose on. Otherwise, live ya life, find some self-esteem and tell ol’ boy its over.



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