are you in your own way? 5 tips to unblock your breakthrough

We tend to be our own worst critics. Someone says, "I love your shirt", and instead of simply thanking the person for the compliment you'll reply, "Really? But, this shirt soooooo old...". Or some other negative rebuttal. Why is it so easy to point out flaws instead of highlighting and appreciating what's good? All we have is one shot at life. It would be so much of a better experience, full of blessings in abundance if we program our brains to react in a positive thought process.

Fear, self-doubt and negativity are major hindrances in the pursuit of happiness. I never felt like I was beginning to excel to my fullest capacity until I changed my way of thinking. I had to stop feeling like I wasn't doing enough because I was doing the best I could do, and I was progressing. That in itself was a factor to appreciate and once I began to be thankful for the little steps, I began taking leaps and bounds. 

Here are a few tips to put your energy in a positive space and activate the law of attraction. Its time to unblock your blessings!!!


Find something you love about you and celebrate it! Repeat this step everyday until you can't get enough of you. Don't bask in the disappointment of what you don't have or can't do. Appreciate the qualities that you do have, and remember that you can work towards fixing whatever it is that you aren't fond of. Most of our self esteem issue begin with how we look, so instead of knocking yourself down for being out-of-shape, pick up a dumbbell or go for a brisk walk. You have to be your own cheerleader and motivate yourself to make progress. 


 Fear is a main component in being stuck in the same place. You have to step out of the comfort zone and allow yourself to freely make mistakes if you want to live life yo your fullest potential. Failure is apart of success! How can you make something better, if you don't know what doesn't work? Regret and the feeling of "what if" is the biggest form of failure. Put faith into your passion and wholeheartedly reach for the goal. Everything you ever desired really is on the other side of your fears.


While I'm a strong believer that you should keep your eyes on your own prize. There's nothing wrong with empowering others. This doesn't mean you should over extend your services though. Don't say "yes" to someone if it means saying "no" to your needs. However, if you can be of help without it compromising your integrity or taking away from your focus, you should! I find that people are so afraid to lend a hand or make a connection, because they think it will stop their flow or block an opportunity. On the contrary, one person's success is not another's failure and God's gift's are personal. The universe will take care of you when you take care of others. Celebrate your friend's blessing because it just means your's are on the way!!!


"Work hard, play harder" is a mantra I do practice, but not its a HUGE relieve when you give yourself a moment to reset. Too much of anything isn't good. Everyone has different vices but here a few I feel are the most popular and should be halted periodically, if not for good. 

  1. Social Media: Its easy to get wrapped up in what other people present as reality and it can cause you to doubt yourself and question your journey. Always remember people only highlight their wins, not loses and you never know what's being hidden behind close door. Everyone isn't who they "post" to be and there isn't a filter to create the illusion of success. 
  2. Drinking/Smoking: We all kNOw the risks, yet so many choose to ignore. However, aside from the health issues, the cost of drugs and alcohol isn't cheap and that money could be used towards investing in your dreams.
  3. Going Out: This for me is just another waste of time, if you are one of those people who is always complaining about not being where you what to be in life! In my line of business, going out is apart of the grind, I'm not going to act as though I don't enjoy it. However, rarely do I party for leisure and I even force myself to take breaks. I have a daughter who needs time and there was a extended period when my site was falling to the waistline. I had to reevaluate and get back on track.
  • PRAY 

This is so important to me. While I'm NOT religious, I AM very spiritual, Everything I do is based of energy and intuition. In the craziness of my day to day, I like to take a moment to be calm and still. I've even set an alarm on my phone, to remind me three times a day. (6AM, NOON, and 6PM), Even if you don't believe in 'God", I still think you should allow yourself peaceful moments where you can mentally manifest what you waht from the universe.