"a man's mind"

Women always wish they could tap into the minds of their sexual counterparts. To have a means of actually knowing what a man is thinking or be able to freely ask the need-to-know questions. Well, look kNOw further!!!

MissLissaKnows.com contributor, Mr. McBride is delivering unfiltered responses to some of women's most asked questions.



Q: How do you know if a man is unhappy in a relationship?

A: Great question. Usually if the woman is running the relationship there's an unhappy man lurking in the shadows. But y'all tend to read into things that aren't there so the best way to find out is to CALMLY ask him - and don't be confrontational about it. Because if he thinks it's gonna cause an argument he's gonna lie.


Q: What does it mean if a man is engaged, but is still consistently texting his ex?

A: Engaged or not, it means the same thing. If he's still texting his ex then he still misses the sex. Men very rarely have general or casual conversation with a woman WITHOUT pretense. We wanna bone. So if you're lucky, it's just that he wants to sleep with her... if you're not so lucky, he still has feelings for her and misses the relationship.

Now there's an addendum to this, had you said they went out, I would of said not to worry about it. I've gone out with a ex while I was in a relationship and it only made me love and appreciate my girl more because my ex was trash. That "outing" only proved to me why I left in the first place. 


Q: How I tell my man to spice it up in the bedroom, without offending him?

A: "Spicing it up"?, I'm gonna assume means getting kinkier. Tell him "baby I ain't never been this satisfied (u gotta gas his head up first) but - and I'm ashamed to even say this - my girls at work were talking about something and I wanna try it".


Q: Why do guys like to receive oral, but not return the favor? 

A: Ummmm. Guys; plural? Only thing I can say is ya coochie stink. Go to the GYN, get some acidophilus, and u should be straight. Write in and let me know how it goes. 


Q: Do men care when their girlfriends' gain weight? 

A: It depends on her size when we get with her. Let's say ya clothes are 2 and you get to a 4, ehh not so much, but if you a 6 and then go to a 12, Yes! Big women have certain confidence they carry when they're big, little women that GET big don't have that same confidence and it shows. So lay off the bread and stay in the gym.