"a man's mind"

Women always wish they could tap into the minds of their sexual counterparts. To have a means of actually knowing what a man is thinking or be able to freely ask the need-to-know questions. Well, look kNOw further!!!

MissLissaKnows.com contributor, Mr. McBride is delivering unfiltered responses to some of women's most asked questions.



Q: Can a man be with a woman who makes more money than him and genuinely be happy? 

A: A secure man can. Our manhood isn't defined by our paycheck but more of what we provide. If she/ you make lots more than him, a man's man will still lead the relationship.  And on the flip side your larger paycheck isn't a reflection of your role in the relationship. Chances are you still want to be the woman in the relationship


Q: Do dudes ever fake orgasms?

A: I'm sure I'm not the only one that has. Wanna know why? Well there's  a myriad of reasons. Sometimes you're smelly and we don't know till we up in there, other times - and I know it's hard for you to believe cuz every woman thinks her box could Part the Red Sea - but it just ain't good and we wanna get it over with. Another time I've faked is cuz-- I'll save that for my book.



Q: Shouldn't the man pay the bill, on a first day?

A: I don't think it's LAW but it's the "traditional" thing to do. But we're breaking traditional roles. Look, if you meet a guy Thursday and he dying to go out with u Saturday, just know it ain't cuz he wanna get to know u better, but because he wasn't a to fornicate as soon as possible. I suggest this: go out somewhere and truly get to know each other, or spend time on the phone before money is spent. Because the way we feel about our money is the way y'all feel about y'all coochie - if we spend it, we want to get something out of it..



Q: It there a such thing as "too freaky"?

A: depends on the person you're freaking. Being tied up and whipped may be too much for one and not for the other. If this is a guy writing in and you're the freak, gonas far as she'll allow. And respect her boundaries when she says it's enough. If your a guy, and ya girl is the freak, don't ostracize her because she's into things you aren't. Even if you don't wanna go that road, let her know it's nothing wrong with the street, it just ain't where ya car is parking


Q:If your mother and your girlfriend/wife get in an argument, who's side should you take?

A: you shouldn't take a side (publicly) but try to resolve it and keep them apart until they have cooled off. But privately listen to both sides and try to apply logic the situation. It'll prolly end up being your fault anyway, but at least they'll be mad at you and no longer mad at each other.