"a man's mind"


Women always wish they could tap into the minds of their sexual counterparts. To have a means of actually knowing what a man is thinking or be able to freely ask the need-to-know questions. Well, look kNOw further!!!

MissLissaKnows.com contributor, Mr. McBride is delivering unfiltered responses to some of women's most asked questions.


If a woman plays with herself during sex, does that turn a guy on or make him feel inadequate?

Depends on the level of the freak and if she using her fingers, dildo or a shower head. Now if she using her fingers, it's inviting. Guy might feel like, "awww, she tickling the coochie - she need some help, let me give her this dingaling." His attitude towards a dildo may change because it looks like real intercourse. So if he removes the dildo, goes inside you, and u ain't making the same noises - definitely gonna feel inadequate. But nothing satisfies the emotional and physical like human to human contact... unless she using a shower head.  If that's ya thing, keep it a secret, don't ever let him watch cause if he does, I promise you he's getting the water cut off the next day. There's no competing with that.

Should women date multiple men?

Yes! Get all the free meals you can but only talk about it if asked. Shoot, that's what we do.

 How do you tell a guy his oral sex is bad?

When he goes down there, bring his head up and tell him to kiss you instead. After a few times he'll ask why you stop him? You tell him "you're not as passionate with my vagina as you are with my mouth." He'll think about it and the next thing you know Gene Simmons'ing the p*ssy.

Can a side-chick every really be a main?

Yes. Yes! YES! There's definitely elevations. Look, if a woman - we'll call her Ms. Gorilla Glue - been with you through 2 or more long term relationships, she deserves honorable consideration when picking your next girlfriend.  Side-chicks, I'm assuming you are one, get a bad rep. But I know some, and they are really good women. No ones more committed than a side-chick. Keep showing your loyalty and remember to be a friend. And when you get in your feelings and need some encouragement, listen to SOS Band "just be good to me."

Can a man really tell if his woman cheated by the feel of her vagina?

In some cases. So you better tighten up.