Back To Business

This has been a long time coming. I'm finally relaunching my site, and on my terms.

Initially started as a blog, not a "gossip blog"! JUST A BLOG. I would post content that was interesting to me. Movie reviews, motivational excerpts, meal recipes, highlighting indie artists, etc. Yes, I also included entertainment news but wasn't limited to that. The plan was to be this "information station" of some sort.

Little by little I began being acknowledged for my gossip columns, and I loved it. Maybe even a little too much. Things really took a turn when I began contributing to TMZ Live. People would approach me with compliments like, "I check your page EVERYDAY" or "I love to go to you for all the tea". I was ignoring my other interests because I was thriving off breaking stories and revealing the alleged Hollywood tales and there was nothing that could stop me... So, I thought.

July 13th, 2015 is a day I will never forget. My perception changed forever as I stared into the lifeless eyes of Sandra Bland. It hurt so bad. I cried for days as I mourned the loss of a woman I had never met, yet felt so close to.  Feeling tired of directly contributing to the propaganda that distracts people from the issues that matter, I stopped. Stopped covering "hot topics". Stopped caring about the nonsense. Stopped encouraging the bullsh*t.

There's nothing wrong with covering gossip, I just believe balance is necessary. People need to know how to separate reality from reality tv.

Welcome to the kNEW and improved site. I've worked diligently make this a better representation of me and the brand I want to build. As I constantly evolve, so will my website. I still intend to provide topics of discussion. However, those stories will not set precedent over stories that will inspire and empower readers.