"a man's mind"

Women always wish they could tap into the minds of their sexual counterparts. To have a means of actually knowing what a man is thinking or be able to freely ask the need-to-know questions. Well, look kNOw further!!!

MissLissaKnows.com contributor, Mr. McBride is delivering unfiltered responses to some of women's most asked questions.

Q: Why do men lie so much? 

A: This is complex because there are  levels of "so much." Some guys just lie habitually for no reason; I can't identify with them. But I can tell u about the man that lies Because he loves you and doesn't want to hurt you with truth that u can't handle. I used to lie more, and when I did I got laid a lot faster. Honesty can be uncomfortable and when getting to know someone the worst thing to do is make them uncomfortable. So I don't advocate for lying. I often find myself at disadvantage because of my honesty. But remember this, whatever a person shows you is a reflection of who they are at THIS TIME in their life. 

Q: What is a good Valentine's Day gift for a man?

A:  Personally, I'll take money. Yeah it may be tacky for her to indirectly and unknowingly pay for her gift but hey... but whatever you give, make it something other than JUST Vagina. Think outside YOUR box (*hint hint*). You know what here's some ideas:

  • A promissory note of pure obedience for a week? He'd love that.
  • Take care of his lunch for the week, meaning You buy it! 
  • Show him (without using sex) how much you appreciate him.

Q: If most guys want a "good girl", why do they idolize women who glorify sex? (I.E. strippers, bartenders, Amber Rose or Lil Kim).

A: I ain't sure who's idolizing Lil Kim... Now Amber, okay. And don't make this a "oh he like the white girl" race thing, 'cause they're the same complexion. See there's a difference between beautiful and sexy. The two you mentioned have sex appeal on lock, so it wouldn't matter how they looked physically. We're visual. We like to look at a woman and think of all the things we wanna do and hope she'll allow us to do.

The two examples don't seem like they have boundaries and we like that. But on the flip side, just because they exude sex appeal doesn't mean they aren't good girls. What I find is we don't like a prissy girl. That's a girl that hates to sweat, or only wants to have sex at a certain time of the day, or a girl that is so into looking good that she ain't willing to get dirty. For example, think of a famous singer who's still alive - one of the greatest voices ever - nothing about her says "F*ck me". It says "let me get the makeup, pamper myself, make sure I bathed in the finest of sparkling water and then I can come and lay on my back". So in essence, we want a good girl, with skanky tendencies,  and sex appeal. 

Q: How do you deal with your spouse having kids outside the marriage whether before or after you got together?

A: Before the marriage? I'd say you remember your roll. Be respectful, firm, fair and in turn demand the same. Stay out of his business when it comes to the roll he plays in the child's life. In other words: don't tell him how to parent. If y'all are married, then love the child like it's your own. If you can't do that then AT LEAST treat the child like it's your own. 

Now if they have kids while y'all are married, leave. If you think you wanna stay, still leave. Take time to wrap your mind around the task and then decide if you can handle it. If after a year you realize you can't, leave for good.

Q: Should you maintain your friendships with the opposite sex once your in a relationship?

A: Yeah but put your relationship first, even if it doesn't come first.  Also respect your man, and your friend's partner. Many of my good female friends I've had sex with. But now that they're married or whatever, I always respect them, their spouses, myself and whatever situation I have going on.