johnny gill

know movies: the new edition story

Last night wrapped the three part biopic based on the legendary music group, New Edition. "Amazing" is a descriptive understatement for this movie!!! BET really elevated the bar so lowly set by the network, Lifetime after they slaughtered their rendition of an Aaliyah tell-all tribute and the tragedy they made about Whitney Houston.

There is nothing bad to be said about the finished product. Everything was so on point, from the casting to the wardrobe. Plus, the actors really embodied the stars they were hired to portray. Of course, this is because the actual members of New Edition were involved, (unlike in the Aaliyah mockery produced against the family's wishes, by Wendy Williams & Lifetime). Initially, I was slightly turned off by the film being 3-parts. However, I did understand that a tale of this magnitude would need to be longer, in order to for the integrity not to be compromised.  

This movie reignited something so necessary in music. People young & old are appreciating the vast contributions made but this super group. I will definitely be watching this movie again... And again!!!!!